FishBoy Gallery

RR Clark


617 Virginia Street

Bellingham WA



"Some of my ideas are immediate, and some never see the light of day. I have some that have been incubating for years that I still haven't used. I am an advocate of sketch books (I carry one on the bus) and a good digital camera (I most always have one around).

Most works are started as abstracts, free-flowing latex, patches of color, very random, and I see what develops from there. It's all a matter of juxtaposition and light. Then I add and subtract until I find my voice. Because I work on wood, the surface can handle much abuse, and I dish it out; I can sand areas, scratch, paint over, etc., until I get a desirable layout. But overall, it's the process of making art that is most important."

     Randy Clark was born in Boise, Idaho but has called the west coast his home since the early ‘70’s when he moved to Seattle to briefly attend the Factory of Visual Arts. Since that time he has lived up and down the coast from the San Juan Islands to Santa Cruz and San Francisco. He now calls Bellingham, WA home where he has been deeply involved in the art community.
Using found objects, reclaimed wood and recycled paint, RR Clark turns discarded objects into colorful, whimsical and thought provoking art.
“FishBoy describes my method and media. I am a recycler, so “fishing” for wood and mis-mixed paint and design, ideas and invention is where the “fish” comes from; and the boy- well, that’s me, the inner child, the “boy” I will always be.”