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RR Clark a.k.a. FISHBOY


"Overallindependent of the final work—what's most important to me is the process of making art."

About the Artist

RR Clark was born in Boise, Idaho, where he started drawing as a child and never stopped. After moving to Seattle for a brief stint at the Factory of Visual Art in the early ‘70’s, Rand lived up and down the West Coast, from the San Juan Islands in Washington to Newport, Oregon to Santa Cruz and San Francisco. For the last twenty-five years, he has been deeply involved in the arts community in Bellingham, Washington, his adopted home.

Using wood as a surface, reclaimed when possible, the artist uses recycled latex house paint augmented with acrylics for his colorful, whimsical and thought-provoking art. “Fishboy” describes both his method and his media.

Artist Statement

"I am a recycler, so I am always ‘fishing’ for wood and mis-mixed paint. I am also constantly fishing for ideas—from dreams, conversations, print resources, and everyday experience. I carry my phone with me to snap pictures of scenes and images that capture my imagination. As for the "boy"—well, that's me, my inner child, the boy I will always be.

I'm an advocate of sketch books, and many of my paintings begin there. Others, especially my larger works, begin as abstracts—free-flowing patches of color, very random, and I see what develops from there, adding and subtracting until I find my voice and the painting's voice. It's all a matter of juxtaposition and light.

Because I work on wood, the surface can handle a lot of abuse, and I dish it out; I can sand, scratch, over-paint, etc., until I arrive at a composition that speaks to me.

Overall—independent of the final work—what's most important to me is the process of making art."

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