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BARBARA JEAN HICKS is an award-winning children's book author (Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli, Jitterbug Jam, The Secret Life of Walter Kitty and others), who has turned her hand to visual art, employing as her medium the digital skills acquired over the last 20 years developing marketing materials for her writing, editing and speaking career. I am pleased to offer her this opportunity to showcase her art.

Hicks began her visual exploration with the "Alien Alphabet" series, each of which claims a common starting point: digital text of quotes that have personal meaning for the artist. The originals of these pieces exist solely in digital form, as do the layered "roto-graphs" from her "Photo-Synthesis" series. All are available as limited edition museum quality fine art prints on paper. Other original artwork is printed on canvas, some of which are enhanced with paint, making them one-of-a-kind works of art. 

While Hicks has spent much of her life working with words, the current political and social climate leaves her unconvinced that words are the most effective way to communicate or to promote understanding. It is her hope that the language of color, line, space and shape in her work might resonate with viewers at a physical and emotional level, acknowledging and transcending our differences as we recognize and celebrate our commonalities as makers and creators.

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